Scars, Paper cuts, and Love

You know what’s the difference between a scar and a paper cut. A scar leaves a mark behind and it reminds us of an experience we had. But that does not mean we will not do that thing again because we enjoyed the danger feeling. The thrill feeling of almost getting hurt and once we do we have a memory, somewhere people can point to and ask what’s that to hear the story that comes with that imperfection.

A paper cut is different.

It stings to the core because you never expected the paper you touch everyday to hurt you. It’s a result of a normal thing, not an adventure which most scars result from. So you put a bandage over your paper cut so that the water does not sting when you wash your hands, or maybe you just want to call a little more attention to it because you know no one will notice otherwise.

While washing your hands you forget that it’s there only to remember when the water seeps through the open wholes of the bandage you tried so hard to cover it up with. You remember how foolish you were to turn the paper in a way that it would cause you this discreet pain. At the end of the day, you take the bandage off knowing no one will notice it enough to ask if you are okay. But you will feel it every time water touches it.

Foolish of you, you will learn to trust paper again because the mark is no where close to the size of a scar and you kind of forget that it’s there. So you trust that this paper will be different until it happens again. But by this time no bandage is needed, you are way too use to the feeling and the water doesn’t even sting that bad anymore. You start to be cautious with paper, constantly watching your hands.

Paper cuts happen when you try to do routines too quickly. It makes you stop, take a step back, recall your time before the paper cut. Only to continue your routine again. But no one will ever really notice because paper cuts are never as serious as scars, but who made up that rule anyway?


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