Look into 14 st

A couple of weeks ago! Big Hair don’t care! I did recently cut it (hair damage :() But we are getting there. Looking back at this picture makes me think about the hundreds of times I reflected on humanity. We are in the same station at the same time going different places. No matter how… More Look into 14 st

Unheard of 

I am in a box Trapped between Windows Through the sunlight, I see my reflection Beautiful In the dark I can’t identify myself Sometimes I confuse my closed eyes with darkeness I see her Desperate To see her image imagined in her mind Hoping the sunlight will bring it to life But waiting for sunlight… More Unheard of 

Deeper Than Semen

It started off with a no because I was skimming over who he was and decided I did not want to spend time with hurt again. But with his persistence and kind heart that quickly turned into a yes.  All of his friends knew about me. I was “Gawjust!” But I had just gotten out… More Deeper Than Semen