Two Week Sadness

My brother called today and it amazed me. I haven’t heard from him in a while. Sometime between life and college we got caught up and did not utter a text or a call from each other. My family and I hardly ever mention anything that is wrong. We were brought up to think that… More Two Week Sadness

I Did So

I hate being excited or too happy about something. It always leads to disappointments. Just recently, he asked me to show my emotions more because it will be appreciated. But that is so difficult for me. i do not want my feelings to be shattered into a million pieces that I will never be able… More I Did So

I Am You

I reread you like a passage I did not understand Or a speech I did not hear properly Your hair flows, brown and blue, like the wind But its colors only visible to my eyes No one sees the tears before class sleepless mother, painless grandmother, helpless father And the countless amount of lost dreams… More I Am You

Why The Hell Not?

Yesterday I went to my cousins boxing fight. It was so nice to see everyone in their shirts and people asking about where we got our shirts from. It felt that we were united and we stood out as a unit. Yesterday marked his record to be 7-0 with 4ko’s. How exciting is that? But… More Why The Hell Not?


In high school I was a part of Girls Write Now (a program to help young writers expand their horizons as well as their inner selves through mentors and workshops. Today I met with my mentor again and it was such a lovely time. We went to Annex Cafe. It was beautiful and so artsy… More Today

Growing Niece

We sung into the remote you called our microphone The space outside of our bodies was a sold out audience When I got too tired and sat on the edge of the bed You touched my hand and asked me to dance But I left for a year Naively imagining nothing would change I sung… More Growing Niece