I saturated myself in the melody of your voice And called my new style soft spoken Because your thunder words demolished my rainbow scent. And suddenly my red, purple, blue, orange, green, and yellow Mixed together and turned to brown Like dirt; ignored, thirsty, and dry. You walked all over me. I cracked when you… More Pedals

A little message

Before I follow anyone I always go onto their page to see their writing and the topics they choose to represent their truth. Recently I have been getting a lot of new followers and I absolutely love it.Of course after someone follows me I go onto their page and see what their blog is about.… More A little message

Alone Again

I took out my big blue suitcase Inside was the emptiness I had lost I did not want to regain it So I started to put in my fall clothes for when I go back to school My mother walked in Her eyes widen Her heart dropped as she realized I only had a week… More Alone Again

The Other Side

After 911 she never sat the same Always two steps ready to leave the door or hide underneath a table Her arms loose like worms and legs numb like wings Today she heard a bomb threat, Her fingers shake, her eyes are puffy, her heart races Terrified her husband won’t make it home A loud… More The Other Side

Well, I Never

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….” Well I never sat long enough to hear his stories Of how his problems have been saturated with cocaine I mean yeah he told me he was going to do it… Well, I never sat long enough to actually believe him Or understand that… More Well, I Never


Tips for talking to someone who is sad… 1 ) Just listen. 2) Do not say it will be okay. Instead listen for their worries and develop a plan that would minimize or eliminate them. 3) Never ever ever ever ever say that the issue they’re worry about is not that big of a deal.… More Comfort

I Tried

I tried to smell you But you pinched my nose and told me not to bother I tried to hear you But all I heard were the feelings I made up in my head I tried to look at you But your image was turned black by the sun behind you I tried to touch… More I Tried