Look Book 6

It seems that in summer things get lighter and brighter. The flowers continue blooming, the sun is its energy. The hot air mesmerizing each pedal to a paradise. So, I will be summer. I will continue blooming, the sun will be my energy. And the hot air will mesmerize each of my pedals to a paradise. (Outfit from Buffalo Exchange -thrift shop in Williamsburg)




Look Book 5

In a gated community it may be difficult to find your style in the mist of all the others. But do what ever feels write and make it explicitly you. Share your you with the world. Wear your you everywhere and be unapologetic.



Look Book 4

Just when we thought summer was here it starts to get chilly again. I guess thats the thing with life, we never know whats going to come next. Here I combined a long shirt and long pants with boots, but still left color with the necklace for a more summery feel.




Shirt – Misguided

Pants – Gap

Boots- Dr. Martens

Necklace – My cousin gave me this when she came back from Columbia #imported

Look Book 3

Because I should smile way more than I do. There are so many great things in life and I seem to focus on the negatives most of the time. Life is a journey and the darkness is only temporary. Most things are. Sort of like fashion. Its constantly changing and expressed in different ways. We are all individually different but all collectively great.

Pictures by Maryam DeWitt  


Look Book 2

Neutrals in a world growing green with bricks and branches as support to a brighter future that blossoms in heat. All you need is a little splash. Splash your style with personality.


p.s. Don’t be afraid to experiment with how you wear what you wear. A quick tuck made the outfit have a complete different feel. Take chances. Splash your style.

Photographs Taken by Maryam DeWitt

Look Book 1

I often wondered what fashion meant or what it meant to be fashionable. Through finding, constantly shifting and organizing belongings I realized that the most valuable part about fashion is that it resembles where you are and where you want to be.  Fashion is constantly putting yourself on the line.  Many times, it is the sole thing you will be known by. It is the piece of you that comes before your name. Fashion is here. Fashion is you.


Photos taken by Maryam DeWitt. 




Sometimes we see the world too simply, not because life is not complex, but because we fail to pay attention to details. Details bring individuality to stories and make them specifically ours. When we slack in attention we start losing purpose. Life is about the little things, the details.   

Holes, Glitter, and Curls 


We usually invision ourselves in holes we convince ourselves we cannot get out of before jumping in because we fear failing and discomfort. Yes it is true that you cannot see the bottom or the top of a hole for it is a hole, but it is also true that you cannot patch something if you do not yet know how it’s broken. I learned to allow myself to fall into a hole or several, with glitter on my shoes and curls in my hair hoping for a better tomorrow.

Look into 14 st


A couple of weeks ago! Big Hair don’t care! I did recently cut it (hair damage :() But we are getting there.

Looking back at this picture makes me think about the hundreds of times I reflected on humanity. We are in the same station at the same time going different places. No matter how different our experiences are we share that very moment together.  And surprisingly I found a moment to take a picture that shows me completely alone in one of the busiest places. And even if there was a crowd of people around me, I will mostly likely be in the same position. Not smiling and with my phone in hand attached to headphones.