Got to excited and forgot to press the respond button. Original Title: What does it say.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “ROY G. BIV.”

rainbow post

This is a photo I found on google for this post and I absolutely fell in love because it is so beautiful.

I wanted to do a post in a way where I would use each color of the rainbow to represent the people that I love and have impacted my life. Then I realized there are not enough colors in the rainbow to represent everyone in my life who means something to me.

I usually dislike flowers and do not see why they are used as a nice gesture to signify love or compassion. However now I could create my own reasoning. Flowers are beautiful and smell really nice, but after some time it starts to die. Much like clouds who take in so much, but when they are ready to explode, they do. They are not afraid to pour on us. Of course the flower could grow again and the sun will shine, but it takes a whole lot of watering, vitamins, right amount of sunlight and shade to grow again. Or hours of rain and annoyingly covering yourself with an umbrella, but then you are satisfied and forget about all of your troubles as soon as the excitement of seeing a rainbow kicks in. Exactly like love. Love takes some time to grow into a beautiful moment in life and then it starts to die. It takes those in the relationship to find ways to rebuild their love again. Maybe they will think back to older experiences together and try and relive those experiences to water the love that was once there. Or maybe they will communicate their difference to find solutions to rebuild and bloom their love again like vitamins do to flowers. But most importantly they will have to learn when to stay in the shine and when its enough and they need some shade. A wise person once told me, not all battles need to be fought. You need to find the right little things to fight over. The ones that are worth it. (

Lately I have been seeing my parents interact and display their love more frequently and I love seeing that. They are my rose. Of course they have plenty of thorns, but none that are not worth working on. The colors of the rainbow are emotions that i see my parents go through.

Purple– For the peace they find through each other even through heated arguments which are usually my mom yelling and my dad agreeing with everything she says.

Blue– For the freedom to be themselves around each other. Which usually is my mom sitting on the couch cursing at the level she cannot pass in a knock off candy crush and my dad listening to Mariachi. Although they are doing complete different things they are completely free (of judgement) with each other.

Green– For the growth in their relationship. Like the stems that pass along the water needed for the beautiful pedals to grow. My siblings and I are the pedals that count on them for all the water that we need to become successful in life.

Yellow– For the brightness that I see when I look into their eyes. I could see the reflection of the entire world in their pupil as I look at a reflection of their children and grandchildren. We are their world.

Orange– For the fiery amber that lights up the room known as their kindness. Of course people are bound to talk, but I know that it will be hard for people to believe anything negative because of how noble they are.

Red- For their passion for life and living. And their ambitious dreams that they live vicariously through their children. Each success a reason why coming to the United States was worth it. Their American dream is their children obtaining the American dream.

My parents are my rose and it is often times difficult, but it is a love that I will always try to grow. When all else fails, I know their love will not. And for that I am forever grateful. They are absolutely amazing.

Look at the rose again and let it speak to you. What does it say?


2 thoughts on “Got to excited and forgot to press the respond button. Original Title: What does it say.

  1. Karla Perry says:

    Very nice. It’s a wonderful thing when we give honor to our parents. The Bible says that honoring our mother and our father will give us a long life. It is the only one of the Ten Commandments with a promise.


    • Jamerly says:

      Yes. I remember growing up and not understanding why they did what they did, but now I am so grateful. Hopefully we will have a long life. Fingers crossed.


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