I made a blog and have my own website!!

Hi All,

Thank you so much for all the support and all the great conversations we have had. Thank you so much for witnessing my growth over the years, always giving me tips to improve my writing, and encouraging my skills.

I have decided to take blogging professionally and have created my own website. This wordpress was my outlet, my online journal, so that someone somewhere out there can know my story. Now with my blog, I am more selective in the stories I tell and spend a lot more time with them. On my blog I speak about fashion and identity by providing tips on how to expand your closet, weekly looks for inspiration, personal narratives, and I have even created a platform for people who identify as Dominican American to share their stories.

My blog is mane-attire.com and I would love if you all could go take a look and please please subscribe if you enjoy it. It will mean the world to me!




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