Hearted Ramble


If you would ask me how to say I love you I would remain speechless. I would not know how to move the muscles in my face to form the shapes that would allow those words to slip out. I no longer know what it means or in which language would it mean more. The one that I am more fluent at, English, or the one that carries my heritage, ancestry, and story, Spanish. If I did find a way to say it, I am not sure I would know what it means. I would not be able to assure myself that  I did what you asked and maybe that is the point of it all. When its time for me to say it again I would understand it in all world languages, I wouldn’t even need to hear it. It would slip through the wind as you open up the door for me, it would touch my skin as you move closer, it would be jumbled in every single curl as I apply all the gels and creams that enhance them. It will be in between my teeth as I laugh and in between my fingers when I cry. I love you would be my older sister, brother, mom, and dad because your love will remind me of all of them. It will never be questioned or antagonized. It will be appreciated and felt. It will be loved back and never second best.



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