I have not written in a while because I have nothing to say. Every time I go to write I think of what might not be present such as correct grammar, large vocabulary, but most importantly my stories. I start to wonder if I have any more stories left. Usually my blog is taken up by past experiences. I am thinking I should start writing about my present experiences and use this blog as a way of documenting my life so that when I am older I will be able to look back and know where I was at, who I was with, and how I felt. I hope to never forget but if I do, I hope someone reminds me that I once had a blog and I could learn who I was from it.

I hesitate to write about my current life now and how I feel because of who might read it. It is making my writing dishonest. But I am going to take courage and write, write, write all of my feelings and all of my experiences as I forget who might have the chance to read it. If I am going to be honest, I need to be unapologetic, Verbally Silence and Scriptly Loud.


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