Start To Get To Know

A few days ago my brother was unsure if he could take me to school because he needed to work. I was ready to take the bus when he told me that he would take me. The night before driving me (yesterday) he stayed out working extra hours just so that he could take me today. Along came his fiancé and my cousin who I consider my soul mate. It was an amazing four hour car ride, we went to IHOP half way there and I had crepes (nutella and banana) for the first time ever. They were way to sweet for me not really my taste. But anyways we just joked around the entire time as we passed cars and mountains and wranglers (I want that to be my first car :().

We finally arrived at my college after a stop at Walmart and A.C Moore and brought most of my things in. I realized that I could not get inside of the room because my key was not working, I found this a little odd, but the RA helped me and allowed me to get in. Five minutes into moving my belongings I find out that the room I had my stuff in was not my room it was the opposite side of my building. So we had to move all my stuff back and then unpack. I was so grateful for them helping me unpack. It is an honor to have them in my life.

But the trip came to a rapid end because I had a dinner shortly after. At this dinner we ate of course, but we also did some exercises. One of the ones that touched me the most was when the students split into groups and spoke about their drop off experience. Which is essentially how they felt when they came to college. I opened up about my experience, which you all might already know. I missed my cousins huge sweet 16 and was not able to accept my candle and got sent a video of her speech for me, my dad went to jail a couple of days before in Florida but still manage to find a way to make it. Those were two big moments because it was my first year without my parents and I thought I was not going to see him for my big day either. And I missed one of the best memories that my soul mate may ever have. That really disappoints me because I was not there when I should have been.

Any who, in sharing this story and crying in front of a group of people I am starting to get to know I realized that I have never really spoke about this in great detail. And when I finally did it was really hard, but I still managed to do it because I felt comfortable around them. I thank them so much for being so open and accepting my story. And every one thanked me for sharing, but I appreciate them so much for actually listening.

It is just amazing the connections we make with people and how one incident could change your life or really show you how valuable the people in your life are. It is important for me to remember its okay to voice my stories and be vulnerable. People will connect, even people you do not know that well.


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