In high school I was a part of Girls Write Now (a program to help young writers expand their horizons as well as their inner selves through mentors and workshops.

Today I met with my mentor again and it was such a lovely time. We went to Annex Cafe. It was beautiful and so artsy and I really enjoyed our time there. There were people doing work with their laptops, reading, and working on projects. I love these little places that she takes me too because it motivates me so much and gives me a new location where i can sit and do my work along with other people who are doing the same.

There we had conversations of just about everything on our past and our future. Conversations with her always makes me feel like I’m on the right path and she just always makes me feel good about my decisions. And I love hearing about her life and what she is working on. We are very much similar in the way that we do multiple projects around. After the cafe we went to the book store and it was amazing. Book stores just feel like home to me and I cannot wait to see my books. We bought each other books, I got her The Alchemist and she got me Slaughter Five. I am very excited to read it and experience another life through the story. Also while there I picked up This is How You Lose Her. I am so excited to read. It has been one of my goals this summer.

I just really enjoyed this day. I cannot wait to go back and explore the cafe’s in Saratoga as well as take advantage of their library.


9 thoughts on “Today

  1. shinepositivepower says:

    I feel your enjoyment. It’s really wonderful being young and alive. I hope you continue your enthusiasm. I love reading books but can’t always afford them that’s why I try to avoid the bookstore but to no avail so I end up spending out of my budget lol 🙂 It’s great you have a mentor and is able to do your love for writing, you have such a talent. Keep it up!


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