Growing Niece

We sung into the remote you called our microphone

The space outside of our bodies was a sold out audience

When I got too tired and sat on the edge of the bed

You touched my hand and asked me to dance

But I left for a year

Naively imagining nothing would change

I sung hoping you would chime in

But the remote was a remote

i danced around your toes hoping they might want to move with me

But they stood still

And I stood hoping I never left


8 thoughts on “Growing Niece

      • shinepositivepower says:

        Change is always hard for anyone. I have a son so I should no I think lol 🙂 You will feel much more pain being apart with your child when the time comes you have your own especially as I believe as I read your post you are such a loving person 🙂


        • Jamerly says:

          Aw thank you, I appreciate it. I know. I always tell my mom that me leaving is not a big deal. I know that story is going to change when/if I have my own children.

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          • shinepositivepower says:

            For parents, a child leaving will always be a big deal. I guess it is true for loving parents such as your mom. Parents always worry, they can’t help it lol 😛 But they are happy if their kids have a happy and good life. They will make you stay if they can but they understand that you have to spread your wings 🙂


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