In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Helpless.”

I feel helpless every single day I am not in my dream job (teaching) because it means that I cannot help my parents  or give students at least one person that believes in them and their dreams. My parents often do not have enough to treat themselves to items even though they say they do. The truth is they do buy the items that they want, but at expense of paying their bill later on in the month. I want them to be at a point where they can buy something they want and not think about bills that are always due too often. When I have a job I will be able to buy them the luxury they want and pamper them all the time.

I feel helpless when I go to school and I am startled of how much I learn that isn’t my history or in general the full story.  Dan Brown once said that history is the story of the winners. Just look at the words,his-story. There is no their story, our story, true story, or full story. I guess thats why we celebrate thanksgiving, To give thanks to the food we had back then and ignore the fact that it was stolen from Native Americans.

I feel helpless whenever I hear of an area that does not have clean water. Water is a need for survival. It is not a privilege, it is a right. Why are people who cannot afford living forced to pay for survival.

I feel helpless when I look at my neighborhood and wonder how different it may all be if we experiences teachers who care and believe in every single student, treat our parents with nothing but kindness, tell the full story, and appreciate having resources that we need for survival.

I feel helpless when  I look at myself and realize that I am still not the person I am supposed to be.


10 thoughts on “Helpless

  1. Timothy Baldwin says:

    I too am a teacher, though the students I teach come from what we might consider “privileged society”. Though well off financially, they definitely experience spiritual and emotional poverty. Drugs are a problem in many such schools in my district, though it is kept quiet. Appearance of success is maintained while the child is is left with nothing substantial from which he or she can actually grow and become the man or woman he is meant to be, rather than the man or woman his or her parents or friends want him or her to be.

    I guess that’s why I teach. Within the walls of my classroom I, with the help of my students, create a culture in which they can explore and experience new and innovative ideas. Such a culture results in students who are able to connect with the world outside of themselves.

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    • Jamerly says:

      yes! everyone goes through difficulties in life, and no problem is worse than another. People just deal with issues differently. Thats why being a teacher is so important to me. Its creating an energy in the classroom where each student could believe to be anything they want no mater what situation they are going through.

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  2. Karla Perry says:

    It’s funny that Dan Brown comments on history, since he is a fiction writer and not a historian. I minored in history in college and most my professors did not believe history was knowable or worth trying to know. They were so lost in the philosophy of history is fabricated that they lost the joy of learning about the world. I’m sorry the Thanksgiving tradition of the Native America’s helping the Pilgrims out with food when they had a hard winter has become revised to stealing from the Natives. I enjoy reading your posts, just the same. Keep on writing. You are good at getting out your thoughts and feelings.

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    • Jamerly says:

      Right I think thats what I enjoy most about him. The way he comments on the world through his fictional stories. They are his reality displayed through different characters. Yes ! I often found hating history because of the way that it was taught in school, but now in college I realized that history is rather fascinating because it is the version of the truth and after reading that version the reader has their own version or belief of what happened. As long as they don’t take everything as it is written that is. Yeah it has, and its funny the way that has developed, but I still think that although the natives intentions were to share the pilgrims took advantage of it. Thank you! I always love having conversations with people who do not really have the same views just because it creates the conversation and because I get to hear someone else’s perspectives. Thank you so much for reading!

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  3. Harmonie says:

    Oh how I wish I had teachers as wonderful as you in my school (I gathered you’re one of the most loving, encouraging and kind persons I have ever met from this post). Let’s hope things change for better soon (I am really sorry if that sounds hollow, it does sometimes, I understand). A wonderful writer you are, I was feeling along with each word, I was aching for the sensitive issues you pointed out and at the same tine filled with awe to have been honoured to come across a person as wonderful as you.
    Take care, best wishes 🙂

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    • Jamerly says:

      Thank you so much for all the kind words. I cannot have a bigger smile on my face right now! Your words really touched my heart. I am so sorry to hear that, I wish every student has wonderful teachers and my goal is to change that. Thank you so much for enjoying my writing, I really appreciate it. You are a wonderful, amazing, kind human being for sharing your thoughts with me. 🙂

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