Money rules the world, What world did you decide to live on?

I am a girl who likes to buy stuff, lots of stuff. It is seriously an issue. Lately my money has gone to make-up. And I am stuck being confused because I am unsure if I want to buy make up because my brain has engrained societies messages or if I just love “enhancing my beauty.”

The truth is I may never ever know which one it is, it may be a mixture of both. But the way I spend my money has changed. I too often have seen my parents pay checks go to bills and responsibilities. As a result, they do not enjoy their money. Not on vacations or clothes (except my mom who feels it is necessary to buy a shirt when she goes out); to stop that she eliminated the going out part. Although I do not enjoy them not going out to eat or on a movie date, their lack of wanting to spend money unnecessarily has changed my perspective on how I spend my money.

I remember back in high school and also freshman year of college I use to hate spending money on food!! It was something that went into my body and then I never saw again, but a shirt! I could have that shirt for a very very long time. Lately I decided if I want a cupcake why not treat myself to a cupcake, or a really expensive waffle in the streets of manhattan with nutella, whip cream, and strawberries. Why not get a coolata, a smoothie, or popeyes. So why not waste my money on make up. I am young! And if there’s a time to do it, it is now. So I’m going to live in the now with a little planning towards the future but mostly now.

I guess this post is to say that I really like the way I manage my money in the terms of spending to have a good time, eat things I crave, or make myself look good (if you look good, you feel good). I mean at eighteen what else do I have to spend money on except for the apartment I want when I graduate and traveling. My sister and cousins are planning to go to Jamaica for spring break (so excited). After all isn’t money made to create a living and make memories. Why can’t I do both at the same time. I’ll worry about saving for my old age in my late twenties when my life is settled.


14 thoughts on “Money rules the world, What world did you decide to live on?

  1. iamwendyvaldez says:

    Pondering on how you spend at an early age is a good thing. Eventually as you go along with your life, you’ll learn more on how to spend wisely. Me, I have learned to give, save and then spend. Spend on what I need and want, and just like you, I believe on spending money for great memories. 😊


    • Jamerly says:

      Aww I am so thrilled. It seems like I am semi on the right track. You seem to have it pretty down. Yes I think its great, money will be spent regardless. Might as well spend it on something you could remember.

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  2. Howto$tuffYourPig says:

    I think it’s important to find a little balance. Pay yourself first to jump start your financial future, and spend the rest on what you enjoy.


    • Jamerly says:

      I wish I could be the person with a plan B but my plan A have always worked out because of my dedication and ambition. But I know life throws things at you that I need to be prepared for and that life gets harder with age. More beautiful too but also harder.


      • sandmanjazz says:

        Well I speak with experience when my original plan A collapsed around me in a spectacular way… well maybe spectacular is not the word. But either way, to crib the song “I picked myself up, dusted myself down and started all over again. ” I often wonder if the original plan A can at all be resurrected or if it can be salvaged.

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        • Jamerly says:

          If plan A is what you really want to do, it can be resurrected. Even if it seems like there is not enough time or money, every little bit counts. There should always be time for passion. Whenever I start to think about well maybe teaching isn’t for me or maybe I do not really want to learn about cultures, the jobs will be hard, I always remind myself that I rather be loving what I do even if it is extraordinary difficult than doing something that is not satisfying to my living juices. But then if you really love plan B and you are absolutely happy with your life (as happy as you could be anyways) than maybe plan A collapsed for a reason.The important thing is to listen to your heart.

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