A Place to Call Home

While packing in Florida to come to New York my number one worry was not about the plane crashing, it was where I was going to store my stuff and where I was going to sleep. For over a year I never felt like I had a permanent home because my room was taken and redone the day after I left for my summer course as part of the Opportunity Program. Not having a place to really call my home in the present was one of the hardest things for me. And I hate when people tell me you have so much stuff because they are unaware that I am carrying everything I own. So those two suitcases and a couple of extra bags is everything that I own, nothing more and nothing less.

So you can only imagine how my heart broke and put itself together with all the pieces that went missing from the year before of not having a place to stay when I walked into my own room. Like it was not a room I was staying in, it was my room. I place I could call home. The walls were painted orange (my favorite color), my favorite lamp was put on, and my comforter was on the bed. They built a closet for me (the coolest thing ever). It is really my favorite part because it is exactly my style. But on top of that it is a place to store my stuff. I do not have to go to school with everything I own. I could leave some clothes and shoes here.

Of COURSE I started crying instantly. It was just so amazing that my brothers fiancé, my cousins, and my brother thought of this for me and were able to keep it a secret from me and not even drop little hints. The most amazing feeling was waking up in a place to call home. I thought I had to graduate and find my own place before this could ever happen again.

I am just so honored to have the people I do in my life. They are all just truly amazing. This is the most beautiful and thoughtful present I could have ever received in a million years and for that I am eternally grateful

I am settling in so there is a big mess, but this is basically it.

I am settling in so there is a big mess, but this is basically it.

This is the closet they made !!!!!!!!

This is the closet they made !!!!!!!!



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