Alone Again

I took out my big blue suitcase

Inside was the emptiness I had lost

I did not want to regain it

So I started to put in my fall clothes for when I go back to school

My mother walked in

Her eyes widen

Her heart dropped as she realized I only had a week left

And the emptiness I had lost was now found in my mother’s arms

And her thoughts of being alone again



2 thoughts on “Alone Again

  1. alinktothematt says:

    That’s really good! It means something to me because I too am a student. I always admire people who can put together good poetry. Mostly it’s because I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do short-form writing. It just doesn’t come naturally for me to squeeze events and emotions and ideas into less than a hundred well-constructed words.


    • Jamerly says:

      Yes it is always so hard to leave ! But it has to be done. We are all different types of writers, but definitely all great ones as long as we are speaking our truths. Thank you so much for enjoying this post!


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