The Other Side

After 911 she never sat the same

Always two steps ready to leave the door or hide underneath a table

Her arms loose like worms and legs numb like wings

Today she heard a bomb threat,

Her fingers shake, her eyes are puffy, her heart races

Terrified her husband won’t make it home

A loud noise confirmed her terror, but it was closer than she imagined

She wanted to die with her identity

but it was too late and she could not get her hijabs

The heat flew into her door and onto her skin

The insides suddenly became the outsides, and her face unrecognizable

As she took her last breath her body bursted

She would never see her husband again

The soldier felt a piece of her heart in his

Like glass, cutting through the honor he wanted when he signed up

He mumbles, “I am a hero at home, a terrorist here, but ultimately a murderer in camouflage.”

****Inspired by a video I saw on Facebook. Classroom Debate on Muslims****


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