Call home

I don’t want you to ever wonder
What you did wrong to make him cheat
What you could have done better to make him stay
Why you don’t get as many likes as other girls
Why guys don’t come up to talk to you
Why your closet is not full with as much cute clothes as you feel you deserve
Why everyone seems to smile more than you do
Why you cannot seem to go an hour without thinking of something sad

I want you to remember
It is not your fault he cheated
Maybe he wasn’t ready, or you guys were not meant for each other
You could not make him stay, people come and go but the real ones always stay
You didn’t get as many likes as other girls because you rather show your soul than your body
Guys don’t come up to you because you intimidate them and they fear rejection
You have all the clothes that you need, how you look should never amount to who you are
Just because people smile does not mean that they aren’t hurting too, smile back because you never know whose smiling at you
And I promise you will have better days,
Just remember to say five things that make you happy right after you admit what makes you sad

I didn’t have someone tell me these things

I kind of just learned on my own

But when these moments happen, it’s okay

We are human

Just know that mommy’s arms is a place you can call home


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