Generally Speaking

Forget the flowers and the music

I want you to serenade me with your thoughts

About how you feel when people say racism does not exist

As if you were not a Black male who is 33% less likely to get a job because of your name

As if you were not stopped by cops 85% more times than someone who is White

As if the 1 to 100 ratio now 1 to 10 for crack and cocaine wasn’t used to give you more time in prison despite the fact that it was almost the same exact drug

As if you don’t have people holding their bags, constantly looking back, or moving away because of the color of your skin

As if you making it to college is not considered a dream come true because no one thought it would be possible anyway

In college, you find your White peers using you as an example as to why racism does not exist

Strategically ignorant to all other forms of racism you have experience in the discussions of that same classroom

The issue with racism now is that there are no longer signs of “No blacks allowed”

Instead it is bad service and everyone asking each other why you are even there

It is being followed around in a store because your skin color must obviously mean that you cannot afford it

It is being questioned about where you are going by the police as they search you to find something to arrest you for

I remember walking out the train station in Canarsie and hearing a black male ask, “Why are you arresting me” as the officer replied “We will find out when I search up your name.”

It is hearing that not all police are like this as if that’s supposed to justify the actions of the ones who are

It is having more Blacks in jail now then there ever was in slavery

One Black woman is doing life in Jail for trying to shoot at her husband after countlessly calling the cops for his abusive behavior

But one White woman could kill her daughter and not see a day in prison

See racism never ended, it just evolved

And racism does not only happen to Blacks, it happens to everyone who is not white

It is as simple as watching a show and rarely seeing any one who looks like you

It is turning on any channel and not seeing your culture

It is typing in hairstyles and not seeing one person with the same hair texture as you

It is writing your name, Jamerly, and seeing a squiggly line under it, but writing Emily and it being perfectly fine

As if my name was invalid or incorrectly inserted to America

“Justice for all” My name is not even accepted onto my essay as I try to complete an assignment of why I am grateful to be an American

Racism, is the hardest thing to see if you have not experienced it

Because it is the little things that many squeeze by

White people try to justify racism by giving examples of Non- White successes

But I wonder how many those successes could say that they never experienced racism

So please stop using them as an example as to why I should not believe that racism exist


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