Fingers Crossed

Fixing and organizing my blog today I had the amazing thought. I saw the word project for the first time in the customize page (which I still don’t understand its use) but it reminded me of projects that I worked on as a progressing documentarian. SO I DECIDED TO SHARE MY DOCUMENTARY WORK. I do not know why I never thought of this before.

I have read and seen that some of the most successful blogs have a singular theme, but I always thought that it couldn’t be me. I didn’t see how all of my experiences in life that I shared on my blog fit into one category. I never want to constrain my life experiences into one bubble.

Documenting is something I recently got into in my previous year at college. I remember getting a new program added to my college curriculum called MDOCS (John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative) where I was told the purpose of the program was to present stories of human experience through documentary media and technologies. That is so me! One of my dreams is to share inspirational stories of others. There is just too much negativity in media (I mean just look at the news). People should hear about powerful stories that would motivate them to do better, not horrifying stories that enables fear to live within human beings.

I decided to take a course called Principles of Documentary where I learned that documenting was not just film. There are NPR’S, photographs, music, museums, maps, and mixtures of them too!! Through this course I realized that we document our stories and experiences everyday through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, blogging, vlogging, etc. Since that moment of realization I viewed posting a picture or a blog very differently. It was no longer about how many likes I got but what story I am telling with my visuals and my words.

I discovered I had a large passion for documenting and it quickly became my favorite course. One of my favorite thing was when we all received the same assignment and yet each executed it differently as well as interpreted each others differently of course based on our cultures (something else I really love!) and previous experiences.

I also took the opportunity to do a one week course during spring break to help start a documentary about the opportunity program (an extremely selective program that helps students from low income backgrounds to reach their full potential by supporting academic and financial support) along with five other students. There I learned all the technical information about cameras and how to use the cameras angle to contribute to the story. We also learned about interview questions and the general respect and natural culture that goes into being part of a film crew.

I am so thankful for these experiences and taking the opportunity to do something that I never knew existed. I have finally found a way to collaborate every single goal and dream into one thing. With documentary work I plan to travel the world and document how education is achieved in other countries (hence my interest in majoring in education and anthropology with a minor in documentary film). Will I be okay? I surely think so. Fingers crossed.


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