2) Opposites do not attract

He told me that we belonged together. It is possibly the wrong time, but in the future we would be perfect. What he did not understand is that one chance is all that he gets with being in a relationship with me. Of course there were many times that I forgave him, but there is only one time that I may break up with someone and then allow them to come back into my life. Actually, he was the first person that I did that with and hopefully the last.

I lost part of myself when I took him back after he lied to me about someone for a couple months. It was a stupid decision, but it felt right in the moment. That was until my birthday. When he purposely pretended to forget it. He enjoyed making me upset on my birthday because he thought it would be fun instead of trying to make it one of the best days ever. There were many red flags about his personality that I did not like. He was never as thoughtful like I wanted him to be and that may have likely been because he was still a young boy and not a great man that I know he could be.

And I knew from the end of our relationship that we would never be able to be together ever again because our personalities did not match. He seemed to have given up on things after not trying hard enough while I tried my hardest until things happen. He carried his life like a stream slow and steady and I am a cloud, moving fast constantly changing.

The phrase we belong together never sat well with me because it consisted of all his artificial feelings and never any of mine. He felt that I was supposed to know and feel exactly how he did. But we are two different people and sometimes opposites do not attract.


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