1) Seven things he told me

I havent really spoken about my break up back in February after a year long relationship, but I think I am stitched enough to do so now. For this week and blogging, I decided to do a series where each day I will post one thing that my ex boyfriend told me after our break up. First here is a little bit of background. My ex was my senior year sweetheart. At the time,  I had never met someone who supported me a hundred percent until I met him. He never questioned my dreams and aspirations in life, he just went with it and I really enjoyed that about him. However, many people told me that he was not good enough for me and all of them were right. He was not grown enough for me and like  K. Michelle once sung, “You can’t raise a man”. One morning I decided that a year was enough of putting up with things that never added up or made sense. He was furious and said he never saw it coming. I guess when someone puts up with so much bullshit you never really know when they are going to give up. I will admit, the things that ended our relationship were the little things. Anyways, he felt he was in position to give me advice and comments after our break up. Of the several he told me, I remember seven and here is one of the seven.

1) He told me I was an amazing girlfriend. That I know because only an asshole of a boyfriend would reflect on how grateful he was that I stayed next him even through his late night conversations with other females. Or the fact that I forgave him more times than he could ever say sorry. It came to a point where points were no longer taken, and taken became pictures and screenshots from the first week of our relationship…


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