Happiness is my choice

The shmoney dance — 🙆🙅🙇 because I am out of my funk !!!!!! I think it’s been longer then usual but then again maybe it just feels that way when I’m in it. At the end of the day I just needed someone to be there for me and not ask me any questions of what was going on (because in the funk I never know what is actually wrong I just know that even though everything is right, it still feels wrong), but to tell me life is to short and I am too young to not enjoy it. And today that was my dad with his warm hugs and kisses and rough hands to wipe away my tears.

During the funk I usually am not aware of my worth and say things that I would not say out of it, but I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I am just so glad to feel like myself again.

It currently feels like I am in a world full of rainbows, 100 lbs have been knocked off my shoulder and I have everything to better grateful for. And it feels like this because it is a reality. My heart is smiling !! I’m so happy to be back again and I’m sure my parents are also happy that I’m back, especially since the entire time they were blaming themselves and wondering what more they could do to make me happy again. Turns out all I needed was sometime to myself on the beach and someone to tell me life is too short. Happiness is my choice.


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