A lot has changed

I have entered blogging 101 in order to get back into writing. I have been discourage to write as I face realities in my life, most having to do with education and realizing how ungrateful I can be at times. But through that I have also learned how important it is to come to terms with reality and realize my place in it. Also, through realizing how ungrateful I have been I have realized how grateful I am for the people around me and how much I love them.

So why am I blogging?

I started blogging because I felt the need to share my life with others because I felt very lonely in my household as a young girl. I wanted to have people that I could talk to, but at the same time I have always been scared to let the people I know how I feel. Meeting new people on the internet would allow them to get to know me in a different way than I even knew myself. I built connections with several writers that inspired me to keep on going.

However the less consistent I became the more my relationships started decreasing and the more  it decreased the less encouraged I was to write. Whats different now? Well I know myself a lot better and I am so grateful for that because that means that the people around me will get to know me better and trust me. As a result, I will get to know them better and our relationship would be stronger. Why I want to continue to blog and be more consistent? It is unfair to start something and not finish it. Although writing will be something that I will never finish. My life is an endless novel.

I cannot wait to grow relationships and share experiences with others because although I have matured, there are some values that have not changed with my maturity. One of the most important ones is that people are more similar than different, we may all go through different situations, but all experience the same feelings. By talking, being open, and paying attention, we can all help each other out and be a little bit closer to happiness.

Writing this post makes me happy, because it is like starting over and I would love to get  a second chance with you guys. I am also excited to be more open and sharing more about my feelings, different experiences, greatness, and struggles in my life. I know before my blog was more about my feelings of anger, confusion, and sadness. I still want to incorporate all those things because there are essential to life and important for people to talk about, but I also want to talk about happiness and all the great things that happen in my life.

In the next few post I hope to give a follow up on most of my past post, because a lot has changed.


2 thoughts on “A lot has changed

  1. Karla Perry says:

    Keep writing! Years ago I dreamed of being a writer one day. I told my friends I wanted to be a writer “when I grew up.” One day an author friend told me to write. Don’t wait for one day; write. I started blogging on Myspace and I never stopped writing. I’ve done a lot with writing since then and I have a long way to go for my dream of writing many books, but the path of a writer is writing. Keep writing!


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