Early Morning Thoughts (Parents, Grades, and Boys)

It seems that I am getting worse, academically. I just received my final grades and most of them were B’s. I was never a B student, always an A student. And I understand that the courses are harder and I am no longer in high school, but still. That is not something my parents understand, They are unaware of the intensity of the courses and how much effort I put into my assignments before I hand them in. However, I can say I know that I did not work as hard as I could have this semester. I know I could be stronger academically and that is my goal for next semester. I want to limit my grades to only seeing one B, instead of 4 B’s and 3 A’s.

I know I can do it. My parents have made to many sacrifices for me not to be able to accomplish receiving high grades. I need to make them proud because the only thing they ask for is for me to focus on my education and nothing else (this nothing else usually means boys). However, I did start talking to someone throughout the semester and I know that there were times that I rushed through my work to be able to spend time with him and that could have affected my grades tremendously. I left many things for last minute, and he even told me so. Next semester, I will not leave anything for last minute and I will be able to be an A student again.

I am so sorry for the rambling, I am just reflecting on what I could improve on for next semester and I thought I should share my early morning thoughts with you guys.


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