I remember you beautiful, incredibly thoughtful

Timeless, in the sense that we forget why man made time or that clocks even exist when we are together

But after I started showing my feelings things became a little different

You asked me if I like flowers and I said no

They are beautiful things I get attach to and then they slowly die and I am only left with a memory

Well, today you are my flower and you are slowly dying

Every day a petal slowly carresses the ground as you miss commitments you gave yourself

And the rain starts to pour on us

I am hoping our rain will not drown you, but instead relive you

So that we can be beautiful again

But my insecurities have become the thorns to your rose

And I feel the thoughts of other women, greater opportunities, someone you could spend more time with, pushing you away

And time becomes relevant again, I won’t see you in three months

So I sit here wondering is it your fault or mine?


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