Up!!!! Date

It is nice to see that people still care and visit my blog even though I have not been updating it since April. The truth is I got discouraged to write because I felt I was not good enough. There were plenty of people my age who were already published! And me? Little Ol’ me just had a blog. Today I realized its not just a blog it is a getaway where I find people who I can relate to, who relate to me, and always have wise words. I am so thankful to have found the belief in myself to blog again.

I know that change can and should happen throughout the year, but I will make writing every single day my New Year resolution even though I am about 4 days late. Better late than never. Thank you to all who have supported me!

Want to catch up with my life? Here are a few bullet points.

  • My mom moved to Florida and now lives with my dad after two years of being apart
  • My brother had a baby who is now one years old
  • My other niece is three years old

A little about me

  • I earned very close to full scholarship to a great college
  • I just finished my first semester and now have a GPA of 3.5
  • I am one of three directors for the Fashion Show for my school
  • I have made a year with my boyfriend
  • I have decided to study Education and Anthropology, but of course I will take writing classes because why not?

Thats all of me! For now. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to do in my life!! I am so excited and I am so glad I found writing again because I am at peace when I write.


2 thoughts on “Up!!!! Date

  1. stormy1812 says:

    Welcome back! I’ve wondered about you. 🙂 I, too, wasn’t around nearly as much for the last quarter of the year. Life was taking its toll and I felt I had other things I had to address but, like you, I’m glad I’m making a resurgence, if nothing else for the sense of community which is so good thing. Sounds like the last several months have been pretty good to you and glad to hear that. I’m also very happy to hear that you no longer feel you’re not good enough because you are…more than good enough even! Looking forward to what else you have to say for the year. 🙂


    • jamerly says:

      Aw thank you ! It is great to be back ! Yes, sometimes you find yourself in a break where you did not even notice you were in until later. But I am glad we are both back !


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