High school and Future

Even with riches I want to feel pain
The same one I feel now
The one that keeps me going
The one that keeps my work pure
I never want to forget where I come from
I dont want to neglect the struggles and disapproval I’ve felt
When I was told that if I don’t go to high school in Brooklyn I won’t go to school at all
As if that would stop me
My first fear that year was getting lost Cuz she told me not to call her, she was not going to help me
In two months I graduate from a school in Manhattan
I will be going away aside from being told no and being told stories of people who killed themselves after they left
All these things came true but my proudest moment was telling my mom she would not have to pay a penny just like I promised even when no one believed it was possible
Thank you Skidmore
I shall not forget all these things I have done when people told me it was not possible
Its where my writing comes from
That’s where I come from
And if that’s ever forgotten
Who I am will never be remembered


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