Because I need it

Every time I come to write I seem to forget what it is I want to say. I seem to get wrapped into too many thoughts to be concious of anything. But somehow I still manage to get some where. 

As of now, even with this writing piece, I do not feel good enough. I have not in a while. It seems like everything that could go wrong is going wrong. It could be that I am focusing on the negatives. I just know that I am hurting. 

I do not yet fully understand it and so neither will you. It kind of like a blank space in my heart with so many people to love and a million reasons why. I question everything. Like now. I think some things are left better in my head. Lately when I go to write I stay stuck. 

And so call me glue. Just sticking other objects together, Have you ever tried sticking glue to glue? Impossible isnt it? Yup. And that  is because it is only good enough for others but never good enough for itself. 


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