“I am a bad mother” you would say

sometimes I agree

overspent time in my room

from the day you kicked me out

you leave and its indifferent

our silence fills words we should say

separate lives, same house

filled with 12 people

only three of which were your blood, another your husband

power taken away from a woman you know as envy

similar to the envy true to me

When a child says I love you

And the parent replies

Silence finds me

the type of silence that turns into screams

thinking of why you choose not to speak to me

I never told you how the pain flows like a river

because I know how you would drown


I never told you that I could hear your tears

The wall is only a barrier for the eyes but for the ears they are transparent

I never told you that those same tears complimented mine

And I never told you that while you were crying trying to drown the ideas of life

so was I


I never told you that I know

you see a reflection of weakness where I see strength

strength stronger than a bomb, an anchor, or a rock, even water

You are air

silent invisible strength that keeps others alive


I never told you, you are amazing

because its difficult

I never told you the lines you pay to remove

Are ones I call beautiful

Each line a sacrifice, a struggle

Your dreams given up for mine


I wish I could tell you, you are a dreamer

I wish I could tell you, you’re the reason that I dream

I wish I could tell you that you have a purpose

I wish you would not just know

how you hurt me

but how you heal me

I wish you would know all the things that I never told you

but these things I will never tell you


we don’t speak


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