death on a plane

its been a while
since I’ve been graced
by your face
and I want to get to know you
the new lines that you have encountered that come with old age
distance has separated us but three oceans 
a thousand mountains
and an infinity amount stars
wont allow me to forget about you
because every star reminds me of the light in your eyes
illuminated by love
and every mountain reminds me of every enjoyable arguement
and I say enjoyable because I enjoyed every moment with you
and the oceans well
those are the tears
not mine or yours but ours
because I have cried the same amount as you have
my lost love
my memorable childhood
I remember 50 years ago you told me that if we can fly we will see each other again
planes have been invented,
and that day you left
I would have followed you
but my health got to me
I couldn’t fly
today I find myself flying for you
I sit here and reflect of us
the younger us
I walk to the bathroom
to doll myself up
the thought of you brings my heart racing
faster then I could control
I loose breath but not the thought of you
and with that you are my last thought
as my wife comes running to me on the plane
I don’t really know if that was true 
but I did see a wife running to her husband
a nurse who tried to help relive him
and an audience praying for his life
that that day I saw a man die on the plane
and a lost love
live on forever as she wipes his tears before wiping her own


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