Poetic Analysis

we try to explain 

the things that come undefined

like a sentence in a poem 

the one thats high lighted or underlined

like words that come after words

to create a metaphor or a rythme 

but its ironic you see 

because what we come up with its irrelevant to thee

we do not know what he thought of 

when his pen touched the paper to the thought of

we only know what we event based on our thought on

see that apple was not because of eve 

it was just something he seen

and the blue was not because he was bloom 

it was simplicity, the color of his room

we try to come up with reasoning 

as to why he wrote the things we are reading 

in reality is our own conscious lacking substance 

an the only thing fueling it is the substance

subtext to what we know and experience 

we make up a story filled with knowledge resembled by ignorance

as we mummify what we have to identify 

on a fake interpretation we must rely 

never really knowing why

he chose the words that he did 

we come up with conspiracy as if we were scientist 

but scientifically speaking every person reaction is different

even to the same experience 

its called individuality

so why base a class on one interpretation

telling me that what i got out of the poem is wrong because it does not match your paper

telling me i have to go with the safer


choice a word used to to tell me i have a decision 

and i pick my own, what i have written 

this here is my poem

maybe a hundred years from now people will read 

come up with my life story thats foreign to even me

then tell a student that he is wrong based on your conspiracy 

but let me remind you of the definition of poetry

its the intensity of feelings


an emotional state or reaction

reaction, a response

response, my interpretation 

interpretation, explaining the meaning 

meaning; one only the poet can say 

say, his poem

poem, his poetry 

poetry, his 

not mine, yours, or  ours, 







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