my christmas <3

you bring out the kid in me
the one that never sleeps
the one that likes to color
the one that dances around the room
you make me
be carless
you bring out the kid in my
the innocence its been a while I’ve seen
you make me smile
for miles and miles
you are a character
that inspires me to be a character
you make me feel like its okay
to be crazy, jump around in an orange room, sing into a control, dance ballet not even knowing how to tip toe
you bribring out the kid in me
play fighting every day
and after the little sting of pain it ends with a smile
because I can’t be mad at you
this will be our second christmas together
a holiday not so much celebrated in our family
but this year I will celebrate you
because with the Innocence you have installed in me
you have also Inspired courage
to keep on going
to be crazy once in a while
you mamake it okay,
christmas is about feeling safe graceful and faithful
and you give me all of these
for that I love you for ever and ever
and although I know you dodon’t understand all these words
I know a few things you do understand
and that’s our time in that time in the orange room
the way I appreciate you
and how much you mean to me
so with that ill leave with words you have heard often
tia loves you hayley baby
and that will never be forgotten


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