A post from a few weeks ago…

“If you believe in magic… it will make you fell happy like an old time movie.”

I have no idea but that song just popped into my head. I remember listening to that song on Disney Channel. Disney Channel was probably the only thing that made me feel like a child. I had a lot of personal struggles growing up.

Today I felt like I had a lot more of magic going on. My friend made me take a picture with my crush; future magic? i do not know. But the real magic happened today after school where the Dream Team analyzed who we were and our role in the school. We want to create a difference, make a change. For every student to be as involved and excited as wee are. For everyone to feel comfortable. 

I am excited for this new year because I have a lot going on. And they are good things for a once. I want to see what I might make out of myself and what struggles come with it. 

To see how far I could be pushed and recover. Thats when the true magic happens. 

Lately, magic has not just been something thats make believe and only exist through illusions. Magic is real when it is defined properly. Magic is finding something you love and doing it, FOREVER. 



-First meeting with Alice. 


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