The Tease

I go closer and closer
I sense all that is about to happen
and the little heart in between my lips stops
its too much
we go closer into each other
and she pulls away
tease #1

she come back and I can feel the heat from her neck
and the vibrations of words that are coming out of her mouth
yet I cannot depict any single word
I am so close, my bottom lip is touching the soft surface
but she pulls away
tease #2

I am left empty
not knowing what to feel anymore
not knowing where I stand anymore she sounds as if she wants it
but then runs away
is this a way to lure me in becauee if so it is not working
but I try one more time
hope tells me to do so
as I do she pulls away
tease #3

I am getting tired of this mind game
all that’s wanted is for my lips to form into a kiss
and for you to recieve  it
as you look away
my lips pucker
but incidently once more I go again
and you neglect it like you neglect everything else
affraid of getting hurt yet you are hurting yourself
tease #4

I go in and for the love of god for the love of us I just hope you take it
please just do it
just let my soft lips touch the gentleness of your neck
and as your face gets closer to the kiss I get up and walk away
success #1

now your the one left with an abandoned kiss
left with emptiness for playing hard to get
left with wanting something and not getting it
because you left oppurtunities go and wanted to latch on to one
when there were no more left
but no one realizes that you were just affraid
your kiss has never been kissed before
and you ddon’t want to dissappoint the one person you love
the world knows just how easy that could be
so he walks away
tease #1


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