its been a while

we are different shades
in every way
surpressed by inequality
yet we do the same things
we eat all day
we sleep all night
we are the same
we read and write
maybe about different things
but that’s what we call experiences
yes your pen may be better then mine
your book may have a better look
but that does not mean that my story is not just as good
we do the same things
watch the same shows
your tv may be bigger than mine
but that’s alright
just give me time
I am you and you are me
just in different classes
its funny how the greatest things surpasses
your not better than me because of what you have
we are the same because of what you don’t
we are the same because of what society makes us
wanting to have surperficsurperficial things just to feel official but official gets boring when we become materialistic
wanting things so bad we become materials of the world society
wondering, can I buy myself?
but you cn create yourself
you are me and I am you
we are objects of society
trying to please everybody
forgeting one important person
forgeting what it is that we w as nt stuck believing  that we want what society tells us to stuck believing that that’s what you wanted in the first place
create youself
don’t break yourself
don’t confuse yourself
be yourself
be-you-ti-full est


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