To Thee

when you hurt so bad
you don’t feel nothing at all
when you’ve cried so much
you don’t feel the tears fall
when you ache so long
you wish you could just end it all
you long for those words
that would make you feel wanted again
but no text comes
no goodmorning or goodnights
and you try to avoid a long fight
but without it you know nothing will happen
and you will feel like this again and again
cuz he’s wearing her bracelet and holds your heart
tearing you apart
no apologies, or baby I love you
the only thing to say is
baby I don’t want to hurt you
but with her bracelet and your heart
you start to wonder who you are
lost and insecure
you realize your nothing but absurd
to believe that you were ever that important
ever that wanted
and with every tear you lose a sense of beauty
but he won’t ever know what he does to thee


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