Lack of dishonesty and thinking

If being honest gets me in trouble then so be it. I cant help but not care as much when people get upset because I am being honest. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not one of those people who go around telling everybody their flaws and what I do not like about them. I myself have am not perfect. But if someone ask for my opinion or I feel that my opinion is necessary than I will input it. 

Some people say that me being honest is not okay. I have been told that thinking was a bad thing, but why? Because I might be on to something that you dont want me to be. Well that is too bad. Yes it may cause arguments but at least you know what I am thinking and have the opportunity to change it. As for me your dishonesty and lack of thinking leave me nothing to improve on. Do you see how this is bad?


One thought on “Lack of dishonesty and thinking

  1. stormy1812 says:

    i don’t think it’s bad, but again my thought is there’s always a way of being honest without intentionally being hurtful. yes the truth can hurt regardless but that’s different than those who love to be brutally honest… to me that kind of honesty is about just plain being mean. i suppose there are times for that kind of honesty but not too often. i have to admit also that as i’ve gotten older and in certain moments, there are times to hold back on full honesty. i hate saying that because i’d prefer honesty and possibly in the end it was better, but i do reflect back on some instances where perhaps absolute honesty wasn’t so beneficial, that there was a way of being truthful without hurting that other person. i believe those circumstances to be in the minority but as you go along im sure you’ll encounter some of those situations also. overall, i agree… honesty remains the best policy. it’s important to be true to oneself.


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