Something I want to live for

Every time I hear a really amazing song like “almost is never enough” by Ariana Grande I get a little jealous  that I was not the one who wrote it. How people can say their feelings in such a beautiful way of intereaction is mesmerizing. I mean I know I write and some of it is good or at least good enough for now but man I just wish I could sing.

How wonderful would that be for my poem to be spread through out different countries and all over the radio. Have people of different accents repeating the same lines of my poem. That would be astonishing. An amazing reminder of just how much people love my poetry.

Except now a days people would much rather sing a song than recite a poem. And thats the problem. People like me always look for something more, something beyond what we already have. There is no problem being ambitious  as long as we still appreciate what we have, the issue is that when we become to ambitious, too hungry, we lose sight and care for what we already have.

See I do want to be able to sing but that’s merely impossible… so I must learn to have people like my poem and my feelings the best way I know how and thank God that I found something I enjoy. Something I want to live for.


2 thoughts on “Something I want to live for

  1. stormy1812 says:

    i like when you say that there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious as long as we continue to care about and be appreciative of what we already have – such a good point! this can usually be seen in work-a-holics. maybe you can’t sing right now, but that doesn’t meant you can’t or never will. you can get there.


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