A letter to inner me…once again until you get tired

Have you ever said something to somebody that you are glad you did but wish that you hadn’t.  You are glad that you had a chance to get your feelings off your chest but the way the person reacts afterwards astonishes you.

You never really planned out how they would react but you just expected a better outcome. Like things would change for the better and you would find out things you never knew before. You should have guessed, you were wrong. Once again you are left feeling as if you gave up more then you have recieved and are going to recieve.

So you stop giving up so much and wait till they notice. It takes a couple of hours and they do, but its not enough. What do you want? You have no idea. Maybe an I love you back but you don’t want it said if Its not true. Even though it was said before that one time its not makes you think that none of the others had any meaning to them.

So you lay back and see what happens. Stop being so presistant in talking to them to see if they would make an effort. And you sit and don’t wait because it was your decision, but expect. If you are left disappointed then you know they are not good enough, but you know you will forgive them and go through the same thing once again, until you get tired.

Is that love or despair?


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