Would he Know?

I never thought that this would feel this way
it is the strangest heartache in the best way
where I’m scared to fall 
and terrified to fly 
But his touch heels all insecurities that once were there
As his hands pass by
the place that makes me feel the lowest
And time passes by the slowest 
I am scared
What if he felt it
Not just it, but everything
All that I once feared and all that I still am 
Would he know?
All the feelings that I have that he wont admit are there
Or how my mood changes with a simple hello
how my heart races when I think hes ready to let me go
or the fact that even when I am mad, I do not want to lose him
How he can just say a sorry and a smile comes through
Would he know?
That when I do not say a word
It is not because I do not want to talk but because I do not want to say something wrong
Or that when I argue
it is not just because I care but to make sure he still does
He wouldnt know would he?
How can someone ever know something someone has never said
I love You is almost never enough
without knowing why
would he know?


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