Weird/Interesting is the new normal

I tend to not like things that most people like. I do not know whether it is because I do not want to feel like everyone else or because I genuinely do not like it. 

For example, Twilight, and everyone obsession with it. I do not find the movies that entertaining. It might be because I am more into action and criminal justice things instead of fantasy, actually that is the reason. But I do like men and Taylor Lautner is not hot to me… and its not because he does not look good, he is one piece of man. I am not into Channing Tatum either and we all know he is hot. Instead I am into Zac Efron, his eyes OMG!

Why is it that I do not like normal things? Because I am not normal and at the end of the day no one else is. Today being weird is the new normal, so must we redefine the word weird or just accept it. No one wants to meet the same person five hundred billion times so embrace your weirdness and let the world know about it. 

Like the fact that you like pop corn with chocolate and have to eat fried chicken after eating a bowl of cereal or Ice cream. Or maybe eating sea food is disgusting because you imagine the little fish swimming in a beautiful ocean and eating meat is fine because they are walking in between the lines of a fucked up world. Or the fact that you bite your tongue when you get mad, not to stop what you are trying to say but to release a little bit of anger before exploding. Weird as in the time when you are alone in front of a mirror and you put on some music just to dance your heart out. Why cant we do all these things in public without being judged? As the days go on I am starting to think that we can because instead of calling something weird, we refer to it as interesting. So maybe I was wrong, maybe weird is not the new normal, maybe interesting is.


2 thoughts on “Weird/Interesting is the new normal

  1. jamerly says:

    Lol. I talk out loud to myself all the time. I feel like it makes my thoughts more real. I love embracing weird things they are so interesting and the reason for a lot of us to find meaning to life. If we all did normal things where would our excitement be?


  2. stormy1812 says:

    first – zac effron is perfectly normal (if you will) lol; as far as men are concerned (or women as the case may be) we all have our different tastes and that’s okay. second – there does seem to be a movement to embracing what might be considered weird or odd. i agree – i think more people do those “odd” things than most admit in public. there’s these so called pressures to be like everyone else, to conform but really, most have plenty of quirks and oddities that make them different from everyone else so you may as well accept, not judge and even embrace it. one of my best friends and i were talking the other night about talking out loud to oneself lol. people make it out to be too big of deal. thinking out loud on occasion is just fine. sometimes you just need that extra voice 🙂


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