I hate when I do this. Where I stop blogging for a couple of days just because. I mean I spend hours trying to come up with a valid excuse a reason why it is okay. And I realize that there is none. It is just simply that I have nothing to say, but anyone who knows me knows that I always have something to say, so that’s a lie. I have just not been inspired and I guess there goes the excuse I have been trying to look for.

In reality I really hate excuses so I am not going to make any so ignore the one I semi just made. I just haven’t written anything since my last poem and that is it point blank.

Imagine how much better the world would be if people just said what was on their minds. No need to scramble around different scenarios and replay your last meeting to try to make up what the other person might be thinking about like pieces to a puzzle. They would just tell you. People would not be as sensitive either because they would learn to have thick skin listening to everyone’s opinion of them.

You see, people have such low self esteem not because people are mean but because they are too sensitive. If people were built with thicker skin it would not be as easy to bring them down. Not saying that people with self esteem are wrong, of course not. I feel that way sometimes too where I think the whole world is against me and I am worthless but meeting me in person you wouldn’t think that. I come off as ambitious and confident but I am not all the time. If we lived in a different world, in a different society, simple words would not matter so much. Negative comments would be easy to brush off, but we do not.

So in this world people learn to reflect on negativity and not on any positives just because it is easier. We learn to bring people down instead of trying to pick them back up. But we must all remember despite what you are doing, good or bad, people are always going to talk. If we focus on that we never will feel good enough.



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  1. Justin Filiaggi (@Jfillyforreally) says:

    Hey man, I liked reading your post, and there’s a few things I noticed. First thing is you used the word “if” a lot. Unfortunately we have no other society and this whacko world and our crazy heads are what we got stuck with! We can’t change it, so we accept it and move one. It’s the easiest thing to say and the hardest to do. How do we do it? We move on by elevating our own consciousness, as you’re doing here. I’m feeling your post because I feel your pain. Let me just say that thicker skin is NOT the solution. In fact, it’s probably the worst thing we can do. I truly believe that the only way we can be complacent with ourselves and this world is to let our guard down, at all times. That may sound risky, it may sound like your putting yourself in a position to get hurt, but thats the beautiful thing, if your always open to the pain and you recognize it’s there, you won’t ever have to worry about getting hurt; the path of least resistance if you will. Recently I’ve been struggling with placing myself before the whole. I struggle with the fact that this life isn’t for me, its for you, and everyone else that isn’t me. Sometimes I feel like I care too MUCH about people, and that’s my problem. How do I fix it? I just love. I love myself and I love complete strangers around me. A lot of times those strangers will never know it and never feel it, but I feel it, and that’s what matters. Keep on writing!


    • jamerly says:

      Aww Thank You. I know how you feel when you said that sometimes you feel like you are living for everyone else besides yourself. Unfortunately I have not grown enough to decide to love all those around me even if they are not aware, but one thing I do do is accept all those around me for all that they are. At the end of the day that’s all I want, for someone to accept me for all that I am. And Thank You again so much for liking my writing and encouraging me to keep on writing because there are so many people who are trying to talk me out of it. I really appreciate it.


  2. stormy1812 says:

    i agree with the idea of being honest with ourselves and others but self-esteem isn’t solely based on not being thick skinned enough. there are some folks who are too sensitive yes but that’s not exactly the same thing as someone who has a low self-esteem. honestly, in my experience many with low self-esteem often beat others to the punch with negative comments. they often put themselves down so hearing it from someone else comes as no surprise. they expect it. and quite frankly, people are mean. i think if we just open the flood gates to telling everyone everything all the time, it would be overwhelming in more ways than one. i often tell my friends and others that while i really want people to be honest with me, there is a difference between being honest and brutally honest. i find these days people use brutal honesty as an excuse to be mean for whatever reason they may have – impatience, prejudice, etc., whatever it may be. yes be honest, yes learn to be thick skinned because not everyone is so good with their words or now how to have tact, but don’t get carried away. as for excuses… yes many people are guilty of those and i know im definitely one of those folks and im working on it right along with you. i do absolutely agree with the focus on negative comments because it’s easier. that’s a great observation. we do need to learn to let things go because it doesn’t do any good to dwell – take the time to learn what lesson may need to be learned from those comments and move forward. lastly, don’t beat yourself up for not writing. there’s going to be times when you don’t have much to write about, but if you really want to make a point to write every day, you may consider taking some time to jot down various ideas of topics you want to write about in advance and then follow a schedule so even when you think you don’t have much to say – you’ll already have some ideas planned. i try to do that some so that way im not blogging totally haphazardly. just a thought. 🙂


    • jamerly says:

      You always open up my eyes to new ideas. I love your comments. I never really noticed that people with low self esteem put them self down before anyone else could but now that you brought it up I can see that that is true. As for excuses its really hard to live without any but I am trying my best to get it done just because I feel like I need to, but I know they will always be present but as long as I am aware of it I think its a little better. Thanks for the suggestion that is a brilliant idea.


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