Today I am learning

I feel beautiful sitting in central park all by myself. With no ones opinion and no mirrors. Its just me, nature, and music.

I sit here with my legs crossed and eyes open, infront of a rock who is intertwined with a tree as the breeze goes through my hair. All I can think is I feel beautiful. I always wanted to just get away and relax and today I am glad I did.

With experiences comes stories and opinions and this is one to save for the rest of my life. On july 16, 2013 at five I felt beautiful for the very first time. The breeze is amazing and I love every second of it.

Now I wonder how many more people could actually feel beautiful without any judgment, just them and nature. How many less suicides would there be? How much happier would humanity be? How much nicer will the world be?

With this little get away I have noticed that the world is beautiful and if we have learned to hate we can learn and teach to love. Today I am learning.



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