the three people inside of me

   I have once heard that a person is actually three people, the person you think you are, the person someone else thinks you to be, and who you actually are. It may be tricky to evaluate all these people just to figure out who you truely are but by simply working on who you want to be all the rest changes. I was born Jamerly De La Cruz and aspire to be succesful, the only way I see that happening is by being loyal, ambitious, and desirous. When my name is mentioned due to the brain synapses these characteristics are related back to me. This is when you start to discover who you really are, when there is commonalities between who you think you are and who others think you are.
    As a young girl I did not know what loyal meant but my actions resembled it. I was most loyal to school because I was told that that was my only job and that I had to be good at it, so I was. I was always getting certificates and never got lower than a B (80). Most students saw this as favoritism and failed to realize just how hard I worked. Everyday going home I would do my homework before anything and I always asked for help when I needed it. This loyalty was something I was not aware of at the time. I just assumed that that was what you were supposed to do as a student.
     This loyalty led to my ambition. I was ambitious to continue to do better so that I could someday be great. I did not want to fail on anyone especially with all the expectations that I have established. This ambition is my drive to some day be an exceptional write and a memorable teacher to my students. This ambition to teach and reach out to others that they are good enough and are capable of anything because so many times I was told I wasnt.
     This ambition to do better and be great conveys into me being desirous. In the dictionary desirous means to have desire and that is a hundred percent of my body. I desire to one day be a role model and for someone to come up to me and tell me that I have affected their life in some way. I desire for the world to know my name, it does not have to be the entire world, just the one I’m apart of.  I desire to make a difference. I desire to someday actually accomplish all that I aspire.
    Until then I am who I am, a piece of loyal, a slice of ambition, and a pie of desirous. I will slowly be growing into who I want to be and that is one of the most important vision for me. If I could some day make the world see who I am trying to be, I would be flabbergasted. I am ready to take on the challege(ambition). Soon with who want to be, I would show people who I am and change their perception of who they think I am ( in a good way) and become who I actually am meant to be.


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