That is what I will do

I never knew how great the challenge would be to actually create a bloh everyday. When thinking of doing this I was unaware of my lack of motivation ever since school ended and I should have been more realistic. Now realistically speaking, I have already set a goal and I am determine to follow through with it because I do not want to disappoint myself.

Its different when you are disappointed in someone else because you have no control over their actions but to be disappointed in yourself, thats how you know you have truely failed. That does not mean that you have lost everything or that you can’t try again, its a reason to try harder and committ to your goal. That is what I will do.


2 thoughts on “That is what I will do

  1. jamerly says:

    Yes, time to travel the world and search for happiness else where. I know you could do it and hopefully it would be for the best.


  2. stormy1812 says:

    im working on the same thing – to not disappoint myself. i’ve done just that one too many times and im pretty over that feeling. time to move on and up and see what else is out there 🙂


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