The man who lost one

On the train we all see the hopeful musicians who aspire to be something more but constantly fail. They resort to the train because that is where most new yorkers are and if they can’t share their passion with the world, this comes close enough. Some do do it for the money, to get by, but a lot of people do it mainly for the feeling they get by living out their passion. 

Jessie J once sang in the train and so did Michael Buble, it wasnt because they were lacking money it was because of the thrill that they obtain from it and the interaction with people. Its something else when you can make a person in a rush stop just to listen to you. We dont give donations out of pitty to those who sing on the train, at least I dont. I do it because it is astonishing to see that even through it all, no matter what age, they still find a way to push on in the morning and give people a little piece of them. To know you can make someone smile is an honor in of its own. So lets be honest, that dollar isnt because you feel bad its because deep down you wish you were like them with the inability to quit.

So when looking at this situation from this perspective it is clear who is the lost man. It is not the person who is playing their music in the train but you the worried soul thinking if you would ever put down your pride and questioning what it is you live for. You are the lost man, as am I.


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