the art of attachment

I hate the fact that I get attached too quickly. If I ever give anything a chance I give it 100 percent, nothing more and nothing less. It’s like there is no in between with me. Is that such a bad thing?

Yes it is horrible. I want for a second not to care as much but the truth is that I can’t help myself. I think about it all day and despise the fact that I do because I am scared that that thing does not do the same. I think I finally found it, not forever it but something it, but I’m scared.

I shall go with what Justin Bieber sang,”You can’t fly unless you let youself fall.” Now so you are not confused, it is not the falling I’m afraid of or how much it might hurt, it is going through all of that and never learning how to fly; that engulfs me every single time.

But like I once saw in cinderalla story, “Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”


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