In the mist of dying

I have not yet discovered who I am but then again who does? In this life we are constantly changing, this may be due to technology because we are constantly being exposed to new things. These things that we are even remotely interested in define who we are in a way that even we may not acknowledge at times.

 Although I may not know who I am, I kind of don’t want to. I like finding out new things about myself and always having something new to discover. It keeps me interested and interesting. Imagine if you were so in love with who you were that you just stayed stagnate. That’s what I see adult life like. I like those who live adventurous and are not okay with just being comfortable. I like those who are eager to live.

I hope to never lose my youth even when my skin looks tired. I hope not to lose the sense of lacking something even when all discoveries have failed. Most importantly I hope to never lose the will to live even when I’m in the mist of dying.


2 thoughts on “In the mist of dying

  1. stormy1812 says:

    im totally with you on this. i admit i haven’t always lived as much as i would like because of bills and having to be an “adult” but im hoping to change some of that now. that said – i always wanted to be that granny in that song – lil ol’ lady from pasadena haha. i hope i get a speeding ticket when im 80 LOL well not really but something like that. 🙂


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