How Crazy?

A day to a month since I have written anything, this is crazy!! I have not realized that it has been so long I have been wrapped up in trying to leave my junior year with a bang. I want a 98 average and I’ll post a picture of my report card on the 26 to see whether or not I have reached my goal.

As for summer goals I want to wrote a post every single day and have 200 followers by september. I know I could do this and so I will.


2 thoughts on “How Crazy?

  1. stormy1812 says:

    love your determination. i’d love to be able to write every day and technically i do (i write for a small newspaper) so it gets hard to be on here writing also like i want – but if things are to happen as i want, i must muster through it and defeat the writers block lol. 🙂 way to keep focused.


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