Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Hi Mom, 

I hope you would actually listen to me this time. Yes I understand what you are saying when we argue but you do not understand what I am saying. And yes, you are the mother and I am the daughter but since when does that make my point of view less significant. The last time we argued you did not hear what I had to say because you closed your ears and just opened your mouth to yell, while dad was on the phone complaining that we could never be in the same room without arguing. This is true and will continue to be true until you finally listen to me because when you do not it just results into nothing. Just angry people and wasted breaths.

I may be young but I do have something that counts, my perspective in life, which because of the world we live in today differ drastically from yours. I just want you to listen and comfort me. Do not tell me everything is going to be okay because I know it is not, at least not anytime soon. Instead tell me that it is going to be difficult but that you would be there for me.  I love you mom I do but you have to learn to be open and optimistic in a world like this because if we reflect on the bad we would drown in the worlds sorrow and lose ourselves (I guess it is sort of like I am doing now, huh?). 

Hi Mom. You are great I promise. You are the most selfless person I have ever met and do everything to keep others happy while you go through so much. You would rather give me your last twenty bucks for the week and be broke than for me to be broke. You are not affectionate but that fine, your children adjust. What are is kind and willing and that is better than being rich and overwhelmingly loving. I know this probably isn’t a letter that you would be expecting today but you do know how honest I am. You are great I promise. (I think all this before she walks into the room as i hear her  footsteps walking down the hallway reflecting on last night’s argument and although I think of all this to say the only thing to come out is…) “Hi Mom.”


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