Train Writes…

She walks through the trees and realizes that she haa lost her path. The path that she was on all the time. She no longer knows who she is or who she wants to be because of something she mildly heard mention.

She questions it. Is it worth it? She looks around. The dirt all the way up to her ankles, the trees bare, the sky a little less blue, all in silence. She realizes that all she has is nothing and that she was alone. She takes a step foward where she is caught, caught in a net with her feet crossed between who she is and who she is not.

She closes her eyes and tries to reminisce. The darkness is sustained in her mind. She fails to remember what was within her past and how she lost her memory. Her body falls on the floor and she acknowledges that not only did she have nothing but that she was nothing.

She gently places her hand in her pocket until the paper started moving and she realized that it was not paper. Her face filled with hope and excitement as she takes her hand out of her pocket. “Me and you, nothing is turning into something.” That is when she realized that those were the first words she had said the entire day, as the creature left her pocket and she was alone again. What she didn’t realize was that those words were going to be her last.

A knife went right through her back an into her stomach. She choked a little before she fell. The blood made a puddle underneath her and that was the last time I was to see her. Guess she really was not alone after all huh? Thats when I realized that I was not either as I started running away, again.


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